Posted by: glasskeys | 02/08/2011

How to setup email on the iPad.


(To view a larger image with more detailed description tap or click its thumbnail.)

During my last tablet user group meeting, I noticed many new and beginning users had not setup their email accounts to be used with the Mail application on their iPads.

I enquired why this was so, and many were unfamiliar with the tech vernacular particular to email and therefore unsure on how to proceed.

This walk-through will help new iPad users to break the bonds of a dormant Mail app and seize the power of email. Yes OTT, maybe exceedingly so.

To begin, find the Mail application emblazoned with the white envelope and tap to open. Next, tap your email provider, such as Google, Yahoo! or AOL. This is where you normally go to read your emails. For example, if you have a or email address choose Google. For the purposes of this exercise I will illustrate using a real Yahoo! email account; setup in America, using the email address .

The most important detail to remember is to be sure to enter your email address and the password you use to login to your email absolutely correct. Otherwise Mail will unable to verify with your provider and not allow you to finish the process. Continue through each screen by tapping either the Next or Save button.

The screenshots above provide a nice easy walk-through of this process: tap (or click) the first image to view a large sized description of each screen. To view the next “slide” tap or click the link for the next image located below and to the right of each image.

A final note: the Mail application is “configured” on its initial use, you will not have to repeat this process each time you wish to view your Inbox, email messages will appear immediately after opening the Mail application.

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