Posted by: glasskeys | 01/30/2011

How to view flash video on iPad and iPhone: Tutorial.

Many users of the iPad & iPhone have at various times have expressed frustration at the inability of the iPad, iPhone and Touch’s to view flash, especially flash video. This tutorial will show you how to view flash video — provided you have a direct link to the flash video in question.

For this walk-through you will need two applications:
1.) yxplayer2 lite, which is free.
2.) GoodReader, which costs a <sarcasm>whopping $2.99</sarcasm> on the App Store. If it wasn’t for Skype, (which I use to phone my beautiful lady everyday), it would be my favourite application. So many things can be with this one tool that I find myself using it constantly.

NOTE: I am not associated with any application mentioned or reviewed on this site.

We start by opening GoodReader. Tap Web Downloads, then tap the Browse the Web button:
Open GoodReader - Navigate to Web Downloads

Enter as the web address, this is to use the sample video links placed here in the last post.

Next, scroll down until you see the "Link 1:” & “Link 2:” with links to the video files like so:

Tap the “Link 1: Peter Kay (mimed version)” link, then tap Open.
Tap Open button.

Immediately a dialog will appear, tap the Download Linked File.
Download Linked File

GoodReader will notify you that your download has started, tap OK.
Tap OK

GoodReader will display progress of your download as the next image illustrates.
Downloads in progress

When the download is finished, it will appear in blue under My Documents.
Flash video in My Documents

Tap Manage Files, then tap Is_This_The_Way_To_Amarillo-1.flv, the green indicator will appear next to the file name.
Tap filename in blue.

Tap the Rename button, and the following dialog will appear:
Rename button.

Remove the flv extension and change it to wmv, then tap the OK button when your change is complete. The Enter a new name dialog will look like this:
Filename with 'wmv' extension

Now the file appears with its new .wmv extension, and should still be selected, so tap the the Open In… button.
Tap the Open In... button.

GoodReader asks you how you want to watch the "wmv" file (snicker), tap yxplayer2 lite:
Open In... yxplayer2 lite

Enjoy watching the video!

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