Posted by: glasskeys | 01/28/2011

How to delete the "Waiting…" icon.

iPad "Waiting..." icon at centre of screen.

iPad "Waiting..." Icon.

Sometimes during downloads of applications from the App Store, an app will “hang” during download and you will be stuck with a “Waiting…” icon on your screen. This usually happens in one of three scenarios:

  • Download gets interrupted due to connectivity issues.
  • Download started for an app larger than 20MB via 3G.
  • iTunes needs an additional sign in after app download has started.

All three of the above scenarios have happened to me, and all three can be fixed.

Most of the time the “Waiting…” icon disappears after I connect my iPad to the computer that I use to “Sync” my iPad. I usually perform a full synchronisation in iTunes and the icon is gone afterwords 95% of the time.

Around 5% of the time an additional reboot is needed (see previous post).

Rarest of all, on only one occasion after all the steps mentioned above were done, did the “Waiting…” icon disappear only after I “signed in” again to the app store on the iPad.


  1. Don’t WORRY… for those who don’t know how.. i tell you an EASIEST WAY..

    1) Go to icon ‘loading’ or ‘waiting’ you want to delete
    2) Press and HOLD that icon until it show X.. than delete and press HOME button. DONE!

    • “Anonymous” raises a valid point, but also fails to realise when this post was written, it wasn’t possible to delete “waiting icons” in this manner using the iOS version at the time, hence the need for the tip.

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