Posted by: glasskeys | 01/26/2011

Miso iPad application review.

Miso is a social networking site specifically tailored to share information on movies and TV programmes. You will not find clumsy attempts to sell your information to third parties, obnoxious adverts, or be paranoid about privacy settings on this site.

My first reaction upon hearing about it was a sigh of exasperation on news of the creation of yet another social networking site.

Miso does its work in a noble, responsible way. Account creation is incredibly simple and hassle free; including tying the account to twitter as I have done. I wish all social networking account setup was this easy. It requires much hard work & good design to make an interface this easy to use in an application. The search engine is excellent, it found my programmes and movies even with spelling mistakes thrown in for good measure.

The only issue I could find was on the account creation screen (See Account Created image), where my account name wasn’t displayed properly and showed up as a null value. But my account was created with no hiccups, and this has probably already been fixed and my guess is that the name will properly display in the next application update. As this bug appears only on the Account Created screen, it is of minor consequence anyway.

The strengths of the Miso application are: catering to a specific segment of users, treating users as citizens instead of consumers, offering badges as a mark of community loyalty, and being easy and fun to use.

Verdict: A must have if you love to talk to others about movies, film and television. Get it here. Miso website.

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