Posted by: glasskeys | 01/23/2011

iFish Pond review.

This is a review for an application by a reader named Lynn. She writes about going fishing with an iPhone app called iFish Pond. I took the following screen shots & had good fun playing with the application.

The issue that took a scant two minutes to figure out was the realisation that when the fish “strikes” the lure, I needed to set the hook using the “hook” button at the bottom left. During a fish strike the phone vibrates and adds another fun dimension to the game.

The natural sounds and realistic water effects are also excellent. In fact, I discovered that creating splashes and ripples in the water with my finger to scare the fish was almost as much fun as attempting to catch them!

Verdict: iFish Pond is a solid well-behaved application, and is great for providing a quick and fun diversion from your daily grind. It requires no steep learning curve to begin playing, and for the super low price of $0.99 USD the game is a great buy, and I recommend you try it.

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