Posted by: glasskeys | 01/21/2011

Bypass iPad 3G 20MB data limit part 5/5.

For the final part of this tutorial, we start the process of downloading our video file from its hiding place on the “cloud”.

Before you begin, I strongly recommend reviewing the download agreement AKA contract with your carrier (AT&T or Verizon at the time of this post) to ensure you will not get charged massive fees for downloading large files using the techniques described in this tutorial.

That said and done, we left off in the last post with the location of the file saved to the clipboard. Select the Web Downloads and tap Enter URL. You are prompted with a dialog titled Enter URL to download. GoodReader helpfully places the text placed on the clipboard inside the text box, so all we have to do is tap the OK button:

Enter URL to download

You will see a long filename appear in a section called Downloads in Progress:Downloads in Progress

Be patient, it took me around a half an hour to download. When it is finished, a long convoluted filename will appear in My Documents with blue text, and appear in Recent Downloads like so:My Documents and Recent Downloads

Now tap Manage Files, then our file in My Documents with the blue text, and the Rename button:Select file in My Documents and Rename

I renamed my file Lesson01.m4v, be sure to remove the quotation marks (") at the beginning and end of the file name:Renaming file

To watch the video, all that remains to be done is to tap the blue Done button in Manage Files, then tap the Quicktime file Lesson01.m4v and enjoy your video!
Watch video and enjoy :)

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