Posted by: glasskeys | 02/18/2011

Tutorial: How use the iPad and 3G to download and install iOS – Part 3/3.

We left off in the last step with our iPad backed up and synchronised. Before we begin the process of using our downloaded IPSW file to update our iPad iOS version, we need to tether our phone to our Mac, so that iTunes will be able to verify and authenticate the update. Without this brief connection to Apple for verification, it becomes impossible to update your iPad to iOS 4.2 (or higher), barring jailbreaking, which this tutorial does not cover.

This information from Apple explains a bit more about the requirements for tethering your phone. I connected my mobile to my Mac via the USB port instead of using bluetooth, although bluetooth is permissible and the choice of many users for convenience. Open Settings, select General, Network, Internet Tethering and switch ON, select your preference of USB or Bluetooth in the blue dialog that appears shortly after turning on:

Next we begin the update process by holding down the Alt key whilst clicking the Restore button. Itunes will prompt you for the location of the IPSW file we saved on our Mac the previous step:
Hold down Alt and click Restore button.

iTunes starts extracting the file:
Hold down Alt and click Restore button.

After extraction, contacting iTunes store begins:
Contacting the Itunes store.

Next, verification of update with Apple rapidly ensues:
Verification with Apple.

A message appears stating your iPad is updated and restarting:
iPad updated and restarting.

The iPad will display its progress after restarting:
iPad displays progress bar whilst restarting.

Slide to unlock, and enjoy the newest iOS version!
Enjoy newest iOS!

You may now turn off tethering on your phone and disconnect devices from iTunes if you desire.


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